Workshop Schedule for 2017

We still need workshop leaders so please email Jeff, the workshop coordinator at if you want to volunteer. 

Tentative workshops:

Poly 101/102
- Marina Gleason & Nancy Webb
What is polyamory? How is it different from monogamous and other forms of non monogamous relationships? If you think that you or someone you know might be interested in this lifestyle, we encourage you to attend the group presentation and hear from those already practicing multiple partnerships what it's all about and where to look for the answers to these questions and then some. Feel free to bring your own as well!
- Marina Gleason & Nancy Webb
Chances are, you will face jealousy in your personal life, whether you're a seasoned polyamorous lover or a young monogamous single looking to date or anything in between. Come learn from those who have been there, so that you don't have to repeat their mistakes, no matter what form your relationship takes.
Hugging 201
-Jeff Montondon
The (new and revised) hug workshop will cover consent, good hugs, bad hugs, and new rules for hugging.
 Rule teaser:  Don't hug someone on the roof because it is dangerous.
Discussion:  Shamelessly Expressing Attraction
- Jeff Montondon & ?
The discussion will start with ways to express and own attraction without shame.
The Art of the Compliment
-Abigail Greig
This interactive workshop will help you learn to experience moments of positive human connection with strangers and friends through the art of a well delivered compliment. Learn the tricks to giving and receiving compliments that uplift sincerely and effectively.


The Care and Feeding of Support Networks

-Abigail Grieg

As a single parent dealing with chronic illness and disability for over 20 years, and dependent on an active support network, Abigail will share what she has learned, what she is still learning, and what she struggles with still, in the nurturing and managing of a far-flung web of helpers and supporters. If you are a person with a chronic illness or disability, a single parent, a caregiver for an elderly or disabled loved one, a person who struggles with financial disadvantage, or anyone else who often needs to reach out for assistance this workshop may be for you.


Legal basics for Poly folks
-Stacey McLarty
A brief, practical workshop focusing on wills, advance directives, and power of attorney documents. As an attorney whose avocation is family law for poly and other "alt-lifestyle" communities, I would also be happy to answer questions from attendees. Workshop participants may e-mail questions (for a confidential response) to


Unpacking Couples Privilege--Transitioning to a more Egalitarian Structure

- Margie & Gabriel


Managing your PolyFears

- Margie


"More Than Two" and the Relationship Bill of Rights
-David Wheeler
Discussion group.
Path of Childhood to Poly
- Annhe/John Bowles
How your experiences growing up led you to becoming Poly.

- Michelle Mathews